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How to get the Unmaykr - Doom Eternal

Learn how to get your hands on the Unmaykr, a powerful weapon in Doom Eternal.


Doom Eternal is all about fast, brutal action. If you want to be the most powerful Doom Slayer out there – and send all those demons back to the pits of hell from whence they came – then you’re going to need powerful weapons to do that. There’s where the Unmaykr comes in. As one of the most powerful weapons in the game, getting your hands on it is going to be vital to your overall success as a Doom Slayer. Luckily, we’ve got all the knowledge you need to pull off this feat, and we’ve broken it all down right here.

How to get the Unmaykr - Doom Eternal

If you want to unlock the Unmaykr, then you’re going to need to acquire six Empyrean Keys. Unfortunately, these keys can only be acquired by finding and completing Slayer Gates. Slayer Gates are super challenging encounters that can be unlocked with Slayer Keys. There are hidden throughout the campaign for Doom Eternal and will require all your skills to complete – especially in later missions.

Doom Eternal - how to get the unmaykr
Complete all the Slayer Gates to unlock the Unmaykr.

If you want help finding all six Slayer Gate locations, then you can check out our handy guide which outlines the general locations of each Slayer Gate. They are pretty easy to see on each mission’s Automap as well, making them fairly simple to locate. However, each Slayer Gate requires a special Slayer Key to unlock. These are often hidden nearby, and you’ll need to find and acquire them to unlock access to the encounter.

Once you’ve completed a Slayer Gate, you’ll be given access to the Empyrean Key. You can return to the Fortress of Doom to activate the Empyrean Key, which will remove one of the laser locks protecting the Unmaykr.

Now that you know how to get the Unmaykr, head back over to our Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more handy information and helpful content.

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