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How to unlock new Master Levels - Doom Eternal

Learn how to unlock new Master Levels and take on remixes of some of the missions in Doom Eternal's singleplayer campaign.


Once you’ve completed the campaign for Doom Eternal, you might be tempted to push back from your desk and just let the game sit in your library for a while. Thankfully, id Software has put together some things to help bring players back in after they finish up the main story. Of course, there are always plenty of collectibles to dive in and find, but you can also take on Master Levels, remixes of the singleplayer missions, which make for a much more difficult challenge. In this guide, we’ll talk a bit about how to unlock new Master Levels, so you can face even greater challenges in the weeks ahead.

How to unlock new Master Levels - Doom Eternal

As it stands, it looks like the only way to unlock new Master Levels is through id Software releasing them for the game – at least that seems to be the way it works based on the in-game tutorial. It’s possible that there are Master Levels tied to the various rewards that you can receive for completing various Milestones, which often reward you with skins and experience for your season level anyway. Of course, to take these challenges on, you're going to want to be up to date on all the Doom Eternal controls and keybindings.

How to unlock new Master Levels - Doom Eternal
New Master Levels will be unlocked over time.

Master Levels appear to be one of the many “end-game” pieces of content stored in Doom Eternal – alongside collecting all the goodies, Slayer Gates, and so on down the list. There are also some Master Levels which are available from preordering Doom Eternal, so if you preordered the latest entry in the Doom Slayer’s story, you probably already have at least one level waiting for you.

We’ll continue to monitor the Master Levels in Doom Eternal to see if we unlock any additional levels throughout the coming weeks. For now, make sure you head back over to our Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more in-depth content and helpful info.

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