Doom Eternal controls and keybindings

Everything you need to know to get a grip on the Doom Eternal controls and keybindings before you dive in.


Doom Eternal is out worldwide on March 20, 2020. Knowledge is half the battle, and this guide will go over all the Doom Eternal controls and keybindings that players are going to want to know before they jump in to Doomguy’s latest adventure.

Doom Eternal controls and keybindings

Doom Eternal controls and keybindings
You can even use a controller natively in the PC version of Doom Eternal, if that's your thing.

The table below includes a breakdown of all the controls and keybindings that you will need to know to make the most of your time in Doom Eternal. The first section is broken down for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the final bit of the table including the PC keybindings. Take a look to get a glimpse at what you can expect.

Doom Eternal Xbox One and PS4 controls
Action PlayStation 4 Xbox One
Fire Weapon R2 RT
Switch Weapon / Weapon Wheel (Hold) R1 RB
Flame Belch Triangle Y
Chainsaw Square X
Dash Circle B
Jump X A
Look Right Stick Right Stick
Melee / Glory Kill R3 RS
Move Left Stick Left Stick
Pause Menu Options button Menu button
Weapon Mod L2 Left Trigger
Equipment Launcher L1 LB
Switch Weapon Mod Up on D-Pad Up on D-Pad
Switch Equipment Left on D-Pad Left on D-Pad
Use Crucible Right on D-Pad Right on D-Pad
Doom Eternal PC keybindings
Action Keybinding
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Jump Space
Dash Left Shift
Fire Weapon LMB
Weapon Mod RMB
Melee / Glory Kill E
Chainsaw C
Equipment Launcher Left Control
Flame Belch R
Use Crucible V
Switch Weapon / Weapon Wheel (Hold) Q
Switch Weapon Mod F
Switch Equipment G
Next Weapon Mousewheel Up
Previous Weapon Mousewheel Down
Combat Shotgun 1
Heavy Cannon 2
Plasma Rifle 3
Rocket Launcher 4
Super Shotgun 5
Ballista 6
Chaingun 7
BFG-9000 8
Dossier Tab
Mission Information / Objective Left Alt
Voice Chat (Push-to-Talk) B

As you can see, Doom Eternal features quite a few new items for players to use, and even changes up the controls. Now that you know the controls and keybindings, make sure you check out our Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more handy information and articles.

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