How to do Glory Kills - Doom Eternal

Learn the ins and outs of Glory Kills and how to pull them off in Doom Eternal.


Doom Eternal brings more of the hardcore and brutal action of the Doom series to fans this year. If you’re planning on diving into the game, then you’re going to want to know how to pull off Glory Kills. These special kills are a great way to take down large enemies and will grant you ammo and health each time you pull them off.

How to do Glory Kills - Doom Eternal

Glory Kills aren’t only a great way to pick up ammo and health. They also look fantastic and can help you save on some ammo as you dive deeper into the world of Doom Eternal. If you’re going to pull off Glory Kills, then you’re going to need to get used to a couple of key motions.

how to do glory kills - doom eternal
Wait for enemies to stagger and start glowing to approach them and perform a Glory Kill.

First, you’ll need to stagger the enemy that you want to perform a Glory Kill on. Enemies like zombies and Imps will be easier to stagger, whereas tougher enemies like the Mancubus and Hell Knights will take more hits to stagger and perform a Glory Kill on.

Once you stagger the enemy, approach it any press the melee button (E on the keyboard by default if playing on PC). This will launch the Doom Slayer into a Glory Kill. Keep in mind that you will exit a Glory Kill right next to where you start it, so if you jump over a ledge to kill a floating enemy, you’re most likely going to fall to your death.

You’ll get better and better at performing Glory Kills as you play Doom Eternal. Now that you know how to pull them off, get out there and start practicing. You can also check out our Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more helpful info surrounding the game, including our guide on all the current keybindings and controls.

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