How to use fast travel - Doom Eternal

Learn how to use the fast travel system included in Doom Eternal.


Fast travel is a pretty common mechanic in open world games, so to see it appear in a title that’s more linear – like Doom Eternal – might be a bit jarring to players. Thankfully, we’re going to help you understand how to use this handy system. In this guide, we’ll break down how to use the fast travel system in Doom Eternal.

How to use fast travel - Doom Eternal

If you want to make the most of the fast travel system, then you’re going to need to understand how it works. Unlike most games that feature this system, fast travel doesn’t necessarily allow you to just travel all over the place. See, Doom Eternal is fairly linear in the mission lineup, which means fast travel is only going to be handy in a few ways.

How to fast travel in Doom Eternal
Fast Travel will only become available near the end of a mission.

Unlike normal fast travel systems, you won’t be able to activate fast travel at any given point in Doom Eternal. Instead, you’ll need to play through a mission until you are close to the end. Once you reach a certain point, a popup will appear on your screen alerting you to the fact that fast travel has been enabled. Now, if you continue through the mission and complete it, you’ll need to play through it again to unlock fast travel. Basically, fast travel is only available near the end of missions until you complete that mission.

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Because of this, you’ll want to play through to the near end of a mission. If you missed anything you want to go back for – like Slayer Gates, Secrets, or whatever – then you’ll want to use fast travel via the map to teleport back through the level to predetermined points. This allows you to clean up missing collectibles and goodies. When you’ve finished all you need to finish in the mission, head to the end and complete it, or return to your campaign if you’re using Mission Select.

Now that you understand how to use fast travel, head back over to our Doom Eternal strategy guide for even more helpful information.

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