Can you quick save in Doom Eternal?

Find out whether you can quick save in Doom Eternal, or if you're left at the hands of the autosave gods.


One of the many features we’ve seen requested in a lot of games lately is the ability to quick save. This allows you to save a file by simply pressing a button. It’s especially handy in large-scale games like RPGs, where multiple paths and choices can often leave you unable to access specific areas or content. However, some players out there have found themselves asking ‘can you quick save in Doom Eternal?’ Here’s what you need to know.

Can you quick save in Doom Eternal?

Unfortunately, those looking to quick save at various times in Doom Eternal are going to be disappointed. There is no quick save function in the game. In fact, there isn’t any kind of manual save ability in the game at all.

Can you quicksave in Doom Eternal
You can't quicksave in Doom Eternal.

If you plan on playing through Doom Eternal, you’re going to need to make the most of the autosave function that has been designed within the levels. Thankfully, these autosaves quick in pretty often – usually after most combat encounters – so you shouldn’t ever have to worry about losing all that much progress.

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You can also pick up Extra Lives in Doom Eternal, which will basically just bring you back to life when you die. These are limited, but they do make harder encounters a bit easier to pull off, as you can take more risks than you normally might without them. Though, we will recommend holding onto as many Extra Lives as possible until later encounters, as you might want them in some of the boss fights down the line. Still, the lack of any ability to manually save feels pretty normal for an FPS of this nature, so it wasn’t a huge deal to us, but it might be an issue for others.

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