TwitchCon Amsterdam canceled over coronavirus concerns

Those looking to attend TwitchCon Amsterdam will be sad to learn it has been canceled due to coronavirus concerns.


If you were hoping to enjoy a night out on the town at TwitchCon Amsterdam in May, then you’re going to be disappointed to learn that TwitchCon Amsterdam is the latest event to find itself canceled due to coronavirus concerns.

“We have been monitoring Coronavirus concerns,” begins the official announcement on the TwitchCon page. It continues, “and having weighed the potential health risks to our community we’ve made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel TwitchCon Amsterdam.”

The post then continues by stating, “TwitchCon is the best weekend to be a Twitch fan. To say we’re disappointed you won’t be able to enjoy the show we’ve been building for you is a massive understatement. But the health and safety of our community, employees, and everyone else who has a part in making TwitchCon happen is, as always, our top priority.”

It’s definitely sad to see another event canceled due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus, which at this point has claimed a slew of events including GDC, and several press-related events being held over on the west coast. Still, Twitch is doing everything it can to make the pill as easy to swallow as possible, offering full refunds for any TwitchCon tickets, as well as no-charge cancellations on hotels booked from Twitch’s hotel block.

While it doe suck to see another event canceled, we’re also happy to hear that Twitch is taking the health of its attendees and its employees so seriously. Yes, the coronavirus is real, yes it may not be as dangerous as some people make it out to be, but it is still something that companies need to be aware of and attentive to.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation over the coming weeks. Be sure to follow the official TwitchCon Twitter for more information and updates in realtime.

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