Two FIFA FUT Champions competitors almost decided a match by Rock, Paper, Scissors

In a strange case, two players in EA's recent FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup Stage V competition attempted to settle a match via Rock, Paper, Scissors.


What happens when two people fail to meet in a sanctioned match in FIFA 20 FUT Champions? There are a number of outcomes, but using Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide a match is not quite one of them. That said, apparently two competitors in the FUT Champions Cup didn’t realize this when they tried to decide a match through Rock, Paper, Scissors after having difficulty playing the match regularly.

EA SPORTS FIFA Competitive Gaming reported the strange situation on its official Twitter on March 1, 2020, alleging that players Brandsha56 and Hasoo had used the popular hand game to try to decide a match when they reached difficulties attempting to connect. EA’s rules state that if two players are unable to connect to play and record their results in a match, it would count as a double forfeit for the two players, resulting in both players being tallied for a loss. Apparently attempting to circumvent this situation, Brandsha56 and Hasoo used a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to try to decide a winner in a pinch.

EA reported that this rather weird situation was being looked into in order to avoid it because apparently the two players then recorded clean, connected matches shortly after, resulting in properly reported results. EA also states that since both players ended up being eliminated in the tournament, the Rock, Paper, Scissors game was not found to have benefitted either player in any way.

Either way, it’s worth alarm and action on EA’s part. If something so silly could be used to submit official results for a match, it could lead to exploitation of match reporting systems, which is absolutely not something that EA needs in its FIFA esports league, given having issues with wholly toxic players and Youtubers gambling on the game in the past.

There are plenty of ways to have fun and make a match interesting. It should probably come as no surprise that using Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine official match results is not one of them.

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