Endless Computers interview: An operating system and games for emerging markets

We speak with the creator of Endless about the operating system and encouraging kids to learn more about coding and technology.


While access to the internet and the latest in applications and technology are widely available to us in the United States, the situation is a bit murkier in other global markets. One company, Endless Computers, was founded almost a decade ago in San Francisco and has a strong focus on bringing the power of computers and the internet to emerging markets, particularly in South America.

We got to speak with Matt Dalio, one of the founders of Endless Computers and he explained the company’s mission, as well as its goals for introducing children in emerging markets to the power of computer science by way of PC gaming.

Endless Computers offers a few different models of it specialized hardware that is designed to offer strong performance for a fair price. Most of these devices run on Endless OS, the company’s operating system that is Debian derivative Linux distribution. The Endless OS package provides everything an end-user needs to get started with computing and media consumption.

Endless OS can be installed on PCs and the company also has some iOS applications that are available for end-users, including some games. Endless also offers an application known as Hack. The official Endless website describes Hack as an application “that lets you explore basic coding concepts and computational thinking as they journey down learning pathways including Art, Games, Makers, the Operating System, and Web. You can reinforce your learning by building real-world projects and sharing them with our Hacker fellowship. It is intended for you to learn to hack your apps, games and operating system. Hack is ideal for children aged 10 years or older, but people of all ages should feel free to explore it if you have the desire or curiosity to learn and apply coding concepts.”

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