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The Jackbox Party Pack 7 reveals Quiplash 3 at PAX East

As revealed at PAX East and C2E2, The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is on its way and it will be headlined by Quiplash 3.


Jackbox Games has been bringing joy for the past couple of years with its collections of hilarious party titles. It's reached a point where the Jackbox Party Pack is becoming an annual tradition and it's one that will continue through 2020. The developer went to both PAX East in Boston and C2E2 in Chicago to reveal The Jackbox Party Pack 7, which will be headlined by Quiplash 3.

For the uninitiated, Quiplash is a game designed for three to eight players. The premise is simple. The game provides a random query or fill-in-the-blank statement. Players provide literally any answer they can think of into their mobile device. Answers then go head-to-head with players voting on which is the best. Audiences on Twitch can also participate and vote on their favorite answer.

While there are few details on what exactly Quiplash 3 will contain, it's expected that it will be more of the blankety-blank enjoyment that the first two games offered up. Look for more information on Quiplash 3 in the months ahead.

Likewise, expect more information on The Jackbox Party Pack 7 as a whole in the near future. This year's bundle of games was first announced last week, but today marks the first official reveal of any of its contents. Jackbox Party Packs often contain five games, each offering a different way to party with friends. The most recent offering was The Jackbox Party Pack 6, which was headlined by Trivia Murder Party 2. We'll report back with more as it comes in, but in the meantime, expect The Jackbox Party Pack 7 with Quiplash 3 to arrive this fall on PC and consoles.

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