Pup to predator - Watch over an hour of Maneater gameplay

We recently got a heaping helping of hands-on time with action-RPG shark game, Maneater. Check out of over an hour of gameplay as we become top predator in the swamp.


Tripwire Interactive’s Maneater is quite the offering. Starting as a baby shark, players will take their pup from bottom feeder to biggest beast in the waters. What started as a rather quirky sounding venture is shaping up to be a rather in-depth and enjoyable experience. Recently, we got a wealth of hands-on time with Maneater. Our first look at the game went through the opening and a little tutorial on what it takes to go from guppy to great white.

After introductions and appetizers were out of the way, we got into the main course of Maneater. Tripwire Interactive was kind enough to let us have over an hour with the game. Literally ripped from our shark mom, we begin a journey of survival in a small swamp. Among the many highlights, we take out schools of fish, evolve our shark biology, and even go to war against nasty veteran predators of the swamp.

Maneater may seem like mindless fun, but there’s actually some strategy in coming up against some of the game’s more deadly predators as you’ll see in some of our watery skirmishes below. Catfish and Grouper serve as fodder to our appetite, but it’s when we come up against scarred and strong muskellunge fish and alligators in the swamp that the stakes get deadlier. That said, a shark’s got to do what a shark’s got to do to survive and we won’t be second to any creature in this swamp. Check out the full video below.

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