Rainbow Six Siege's Ash gets Tomb Raider Elite skin for Operation Void Edge

As part of a special collaboration with Crystal Dynamics, Rainbow Six Siege's Ash is about to resemble a certain Tomb Raider.


There was a lot announced at the Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 and 6 panel. There was a lot that was announced. From new features, to an overhauled esports circuit, to Operator revamps. However, the panel ended on something extra special. It came in the form of a special collaboration with the folks at Crystal Dynamics. It's a whole new Elite skin for Ash, one that resembles a certain Tomb Raider.

Rainbow Six Siege - Tomb Raider skin

Yes, that's Ash donning a Lara Croft skin. This will be part of an all-new Ash Elite Tomb Raider Set that's about to be released. Ash can be seen sporting the classic Lara Croft look, with the blue top, brown shorts, knee-high boots, and double pistol holsters. And of course, there are the recognizable sunglasses that completes this classic look.

It's not everyday that a collaboration like this comes about, especially since it's one that stretches across two publishers. But it looks like the Montreal-based Siege studio was able to make something work with the team at Crystal Dynamics and Tomb Raider series publisher Square Enix. The result is this premium item, which is set to release alongside Operation Void Edge.

Details on how to pick up the Ash Elite Tomb Raider Set are forthcoming. In the meantime, be sure to read up on everything announced for Rainbow Six Siege today, everything announced for its esports arm, and our hands-on for Operation Void Edge and its two new Operators.

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