Geoff Keighley skipping E3 2020, no E3 Coliseum

The Game Awards head Geoff Keighley has announced he is not going to attend E3 2020, and with it, the E3 Coliseum won't be appearing at the event this year either.


As we get closer to E3 2020, wondering how the ESA will handle the seriously unfortunate things that happened post-event last year and watching the attendee list dwindle, yet another major player is backing out of the event. The Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley won’t be coming to E3 2020, and he’s keeping E3 Coliseum at home with him this year.

Geoff Keighley announced his intentions to skip E3 2020 via his personal Twitter on February 12, 2020. According to Keighley, while he wants to continue to support the developers who will be attending E3, he "unfortunately" has declined attendance and, as such, E3 Coliseum will seemingly not be at this year’s event either. E3 Coliseum for the last several years has been a showcase of interviews, competitive gaming events, and other side attractions from Geoff Keighley and his crew. The attraction has been a fixture of E3 since 2017. Interestingly, it seemed like Geoff Keighley and E3 Coliseum was very much on the agenda until very recently. Going to the E3 2020 Coliseum page shows nothing but a “Coming Soon” page and a date of February 13, 2020. Looks like Keighley made the big reveal early.

Geoff Keighley marks another major player to back out of E3 2020. It was back in mid-January 2020 that PlayStation announced they’d be skipping E3, though this is the second year in a row that PlayStation and Sony have chosen to do so. Even so, Keighley certainly has a lot of other avenues in which to produce content these days. Outside of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley also successfully collaborated with European gaming event gamescom in 2019 to produce gamescom Opening Night Live.

With E3 losing out on another major attendee and event, does it continue to spell out bad tidings for this year’s event? Maybe and maybe not. Nintendo still seems to be headed there and Xbox will likely be showing more of the Xbox Series X at the event. Losing E3 Coliseum is a shame, but it’s certainly not the star attraction of E3. We’ll have to see what happens with other major players leading up to the event.

[Featured image via The Game Awards]

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