Where to find the elder - Stoneshard

The first step to becoming a great adventurer in Stoneshard is finding the elder and getting a few contracts from him.


Stoneshard offers up a lot of information very quickly, but it doesn’t hold your hand when it comes to finding characters. One of the first characters players will need to speak with is the elder. This old man has access to the contracts you need to complete to get a horse. For those that may have skipped over the important dialogue, working out where this guy is hiding is going to be tough.

Where to find the elder

stoneshard find the elder
The barkeeper, Brukk, tells you that Odar the elder lives in the middle of the village.

The elder is the man responsible for all the contracts in the little village where you start Stoneshard. The first mention of the elder is by Verren, who directs you to him in hope that you can complete three contracts so you can both get a horse and cart. Unfortunately, Verren fails to mention where this guy is.

However, what Verren does mention – that can be easy to miss – is that the barkeeper might know about the elder. Speak with the barkeeper to learn that the elder, Odar, lives in the village hall, right near the market. This narrows it down a bit.

stoneshard find the elder odar building
Find this building just near the markets and go inside. Use the stairs at the back to reach the second floor where you'll find the elder, Odar.

Head out of the bar and down toward the market. On the right-hand side of the market will be a large building with a fenced-in area with a lot of chickens and a rooster. Enter the building to see a bunch of guards asleep in bed and one sitting at the table. At the back of the room is a set of stairs leading to the second floor. Go up the steps.

On the second floor you’ll see an old man sitting at a table, this is Odar the elder. Speaking with Odar reveals that he does in fact have a few contracts for you. Collect the contracts, bid farewell, and head out on your adventure.

Finding the elder in Stoneshard can be a bit tricky. With no real map to use, and only a bit of guidance from other townsfolk, you will need to pay a lot of attention to every little detail. Remember this moving forward, as it will no doubt be important for future quests! Be sure to check out the Shacknews Stoneshard page for more helpful, and direct, guides about adventuring.

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