How to get Majestic Horn - Monster Hunter World

Majestic Horn won't be too hard to get your hands on, but it will require a specific monster on a specific difficulty.


Majestic Horn is a material in Monster Hunter World required for crafting different weapons and armor. It’s among the hundreds of materials that players will find themselves searching for in their quest for the best builds. Today, I’ll explain how you can get Majestic Horn so you can hurry up and get confused about the next thing you need on your crafting quest.

Majestic Horn

Majestic Horn is a material that can drop as a quest reward, or due to a carve. In order to have a shot at a Majestic Horn, players must face off against a High Rank Diablos. Thanks to the Monster Hunter World Wiki, we know that chances of getting these drops are as follows.

Majestic Horn quest rewards

  • RRRRRumble in the Waste! - 6% chance
  • The White Winds of the New World - 5% chance

Majestic Horn carves

  • Break both horns - 8% chance
  • Investigation reward (Silver) - 18% chance
  • Investigation reward (Gold) - 14% chance

For the best shot at the Majestic Horn, head out on an Investigation with Diablos as the target, and make sure the quest rewards feature multiple Silver and Gold payouts. If you can land an Investigation with two Silver and two Gold rewards, there’s a decent chance you’ll land at least on Majestic Horn. Worse case scenario is players will have to grind Diablos a few times to get the drop.

It’s also worth reiterating that the Majestic Horn comes from a High Rank Diablos, not Low Rank or Master Rank. Those variations of Diablos come with their own unique materials. If you’re currently enjoying the Iceborne expansion, be sure to specify High Rank Diablos if you’re using the SOS system to find a hunt.

Now that you know how to get Majestic Horn, head over to our Monster Hunter World strategy guide. We’re always busy keeping it updated with the latest guides and information to make your job as a hunter that much easier.

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