How to get Crystal Skates - Temtem

Learn how to get your hands on Crystal Skates in Temtem.


Crystal Skates are an item that players can get their hands on later in Temtem. When used, players can make their way across crystal tiles, which often hide various items and secrets. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Crystal Skates, as well as cover any additional information you need to know about these handy items.

How to get Crystal Skates - Temtem

Players can get their hands on the Crystal Skates once they reach the second island in Temtem’s story. This island, called Omninesia is where players will take on the second dojo in the main storyline. Players can obtain the Crystal Skates after they assist Carlos with a group of Belsoto goons.

As you make your way through Omnisesia, you’ll need to pass through the Citerior and the Ulterior to complete the island’s activities. To find Carlos, just continue through the Citerior region until you reach a cave entrance guarded by the aforementioned goons. Most of the Temtem tamers in this area use Fire and Nature based Temtem, so try to bring along Toxic and Water damage Temtem to even the odds a bit. It’s also worth keeping your Ganki at a good level for the occasional fight with Water type Temtem.

how to get crystal skates - temtem
You get the Crystal Skates from Carlos.

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Once you reach the cave, head inside and just keep pushing forward taking out the goons and other tamers in your way. The closest Temporium in back in Mokupuni, so make sure you bring along the Smoke Bombs, Scents, or just be prepared for a lot of fighting and Balm usage. When you reach the end of the cave you’ll find Carlos hiding next to a boulder on the left side of the path. Talk to him and then continue forward through the path. This should take you to the Ulterior. Continue pushing forward until you reach another group of Belsoto tamers, and then defeat each of them.

After stealing the uniforms from the Belsoto goons, head back to Carlos and talk to him once more. Put on the uniform and then continue inside and take down all the enemies inside as you make your way through. Once you complete the section and flee the Grand Banyan, Carlos will reward you with the Crystal Skates.

The kicker here is that you’ll lose access to the Crystal Skates after you complete the second island. Go ahead and complete every crystal tile section you need to complete before moving on. For more help, check out the rest of our Temtem guides.

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