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Where to catch Ganki in Temtem

Everything you need to know to track down and catch Ganki in Temtem.


There will be 161 Temtem available to catch and level up in Crema’s Pokemon MMO once it fully releases. However, if you want to grab one of the best Temtem available in the early game, then we recommend grabbing Ganki as quickly as you can. This Electric Temtem is a force to be reckoned with in the first Dojo, and this guide will teach you everything you need to know to catch Ganki.

Where to catch Ganki in Temtem

Ganki is a fairly common Temtem in a few of the starting areas. However, the first place you’ll be able to catch it is Thalassian Cliffs, the path between the first town you visit after leaving home and Arrisola. In fact, there are a couple of patches of grass you can farm for a chance to catch Ganki here, and we’ll point out one of the best on the map below.

Where to catch Ganki - Temtem
Head to the three patches of grass at the top for a great Ganki hunting spot.

As you can see on the map that we’ve included here, there are three patches of grass near the northern end of Thalassian Cliffs. This is just before you exit up to Arrisola, and you will find that Ganki spawn in random battles quite a bit while exploring these three patches of grass. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t currently using a Scent to increase your chances of a battle popping up.  If you get a battle and Ganki doesn’t pop up, just run away and then keep looking until a Ganki pops up.

Ganki is a great Temtem to have thanks to its Electric and Wind dual type. This means you can make use of attacks like DC Beam, Chain Lightninght, and Sparks, while also utilizing Wind moves like Nimble and Wind Blade. This makes the Temtem more versatile overall, and really just gives you more room to work against enemies. Of course, you’ll want to account for the weaknesses that these two types fall prey to, so keep that in mind as well.

Ganki temtem info
Ganki is an Electric and Wind type Temtem.

Now that you know where to catch Ganki, head back over to our Temtem guides for more helpful information.

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