All Temtem types chart - strengths and weaknesses

Learn all about the various Temtem types including their strengths and weaknesses.


When it comes to battling, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the various Temtem you can catch will prove vital to your chances of succeeding. In this guide, we’ll break down the various types of Temtem you can find and go over the different strengths and weaknesses each type has.

All Temtem types chart – strengths and weaknesses

Taking on other Temtem or trainers in Temtem is can be a bit more complicated that battles in Pokemon. Where you could technically level up one Pokemon and power your way through most of the battles you come across, Temtem requires you to pick and choose your Temtem based on the fights that you’re going into. Jumping into battle with the wrong Temtem can lead to a quick defeat, so knowing the various types, strengths, and weaknesses of each Temtem type is going to be key.

Temtem types chart - find strengths and weaknesses in-game
Read this book at the Academia to get a brief overview of all the Temtem types.

Thankfully, we’ve broken down the weaknesses and strengths for all 12 types below, which should help you sort through things a bit more easily.

Temtem Type Weak Against Strong Against
Fire Water, Earth Nature, Crystal
Nature Fire, Toxic Water, Earth
Water Nature, Toxic Fire, Earth, Digital
Electric Earth, Nature, Crystal Water, Mental, Wind, Digital
Mental Crystal Neutral, Melee
Earth Water, Nature Fire, Electric, Crystal
Wind Electric Toxic
Melee Mental Earth, Crystal
Crystal Fire, Earth Electric, Mental
Toxic Earth, Digital, Crystal Water, Nature
Neutral Mental None
Digital None Mental, Melee

As you can see, each Temtem type has its appropriate strengths and weaknesses. Sending an Electric Temtem like Ganki up against a Nature or Crystal Temtem is going to be dangerous and could easily result in your Ganki going down quickly. On the opposite side of the spectrum, sending your Ganki up against Water-type Temtem is going to allow you to deal twice the amount of damage that you normally would, so long as you’re utilizing Electric-type attacks like Chain Lightning or DC Beam.

Now that you know the different Temtem types, and each types strengths and weaknesses, make sure you check out our other Temtem guides for more helpful information.

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