Heart of the Fluft - Legends of Runeterra

Learn more about the Heart of Fluft card in Legends of Runeterra.


There are plenty of Rare cards for players to collect and make use of in Legends of Runeterra. However, the Heart of Fluft card has easily proven to be one of the most effective that we’ve seen in the new card game’s meta so far. To help players understand what makes this card so special, we’ve put together this handy guide to the Heart of Fluft.

Heart of the Fluft - Legends of Runeterra

Heart of Fluft is a Rare card available from the Freljord Region in Legends of Runeterra. With a somewhat high cost of 6 Mana, you won’t be able to play this card right away if you draw it. But, when the time comes, and you can play it, you can really change the course of the entire game if you’re smart about it.

Heart of the Fluft - Legends of Runeterra

With 4 Attack and 4 Health, Heart of the Fluft isn’t necessarily a super strong card on its own. However, when played the card activates a special ability that combines all of your Poros currently on the field and turns the Heart of the Fluft into a Fluft of Poros, granting the new card the stats and keywords of any cards that were combined into it. This means you can line the board with several Poros and then combine all of them into a more powerful card that features all of their stats and keywords together. You’ll also see that any buffs to your Poros already on the field carry over when the Fluft of Poros is activated.

Fluft of Poros - Legends of Runeterra

Imagine that you have a Lonely Poros with +1/+1 on the field, and then you play Poro Snax (a spell which adds the +1/+1 buff to any Poros on the field), you’ll see that the Lonely Poros becomes a +2/+2. Well, when you play Heart of the Fluft, the Lonely Poros will add +2/+2 to the Fluft of Poros versus the normal +1/1 that it would add. So, instead of starting at the 5/5 as the Fluft of Poros normally would by adding in the Lonely Poros, you’d start off with a 6/6 Fluft of Poros.

You can add on even more power by maximizing the amount of Poro Snax you have in your deck. This can easily be done by tossing in at least 1 Counterfeit Copies card from the Pilover/Zaun deck. When used, Counterfeit Copies will create 4 duplicates of a spell card, which can turn 1 Poro Snax into 4, making it even easier to buff up your Fluft of Poros.

Poro Snax - Legends of Runeterra

Once the Fluft of Poros is defeated, it turns into a new Heart of the Fluft with base stats (including the Poro Snax buffs) and no ability text. Any Poros cards used to combine into the Fluft of Poros are lost during the combination stage and at the card’s defeat.

If you plan on building a deck around the Heart of the Fluft, you’re going to need to be ready to sink some Shards if you haven’t already unlocked the card. Heart of the Fluft will cost 300 Shards to craft and doing so will unlock both the base card and Fluft of Poros.

Now that you know a bit more about Heart of the Fluft and how to make the most of it, make sure you check out the rest of our Legends of Runeterra guides, including our guide on how to change your region. We’ll have more info coming as we dive deeper into the game.

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