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PowerA's new Animal Crossing Switch controllers are adorable

Stock up on new peripherals to get ready for your next trip to your favorite village laden with animals.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just around the corner, and that means you'll want to have your Switch and accessories in tip-top shape for when it's time to jump into the game. That means saving some cash up for the awesome new controllers from PowerA emblazoned with your favorite Animal Crossing characters.

PowerA is releasing a pair of pastel Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, one with K.K. Slider and one with Timmy & Tommy Nook on the side. Both are officially licensed Nintendo controllers that connect via Bluetooth and don't use a rechargeable battery. If you plan on lengthy gaming sessions with them, you'll have to keep some fresh AAs on hand. They're rated for up to 30 hours, at least, so that should be plenty of short Animal Crossing sessions. 

PowerA's line of peripherals is typically a great alternative to what's out there even from Nintendo, especially if you like to have your controllers emblazoned with cool imagery from video games. There's also a Doom Eternal Switch controller on the way out, which you can play while you rip and tear enemies to hell and back.

Both controllers are currently up for preorder, and you can snag them for $49.99 apiece. And now you can get back to your regularly-scheduled pining for more Animal Crossing, as you do. Looks like we're all in that same boat right now, and seeing these controllers isn't making it any easier. 

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