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Shenmue 3 gets first DLC with Battle Rally debuting next week

Fight to the end and switch off between Ryo and other Shenmue characters as you rally through this new content expansion.


Shenmue 3 has only been out in the wild since November 2019, but that hasn't stopped it from getting multiple pieces of DLC.

The very first in the line of several pieces of downloadable content for Shenmue 3 includes the Battle Rally expansion. It may not be what you were expecting, but it's new content, at the very least. In Battle Rally, Ryo and his friends will join in on a competitive combat race.

As Ryo and the rest of the cast take part in melee combat to progress through each area the DLC, new character Wei Zhen and returning character Wuying Rea will join him. You can play as both of these additional characters, who each come with their own unique combat style. It's a bid odd to think that Shenmue 3 of all games is getting a "battle rally" expansion, but then here we are.

The expansion will be $8, and it'll debut next week on January 21. It'll be free for any players who already have the collector's edition. Be sure to stop by and let us know how it is if you're a Shenmue 3 fan, because with the hectic April we have coming up, it's not like any of us actually have time to do it. 

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