The Good Life interview with Swery65: Raining, cats, and dogs

Legendary Japanese game director Hidetaka Suehiro sits down with us to talk about The Good Life and work at the new studio he founded after departing Access Games.


There is no denying that the games created by Hidetaka Suehiro (better known as Swery65) are incredibly unique. The Japanese developer has been building a strong legacy dating back to the release of Deadly Premonition back in 2010. His popularity was cemented with the release of the intriguingly bizarre D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die in 2014. Swery65 announced his departure from Access Games in 2016 and the formation of a new studio known as White Owls Inc. The first big project out of White Owls will be The Good Life, which is entering the final stretch of its development.

We got an opportunity to sit down with Swery65 and White Owls PR rep Sharapova and asked about The Good Life and his thoughts on his influences, the back catalog of games he has created, and what players can expect from White Owls.

The Good Life is a self-described debt repayment daily life RPG and is being co-developed by Swery’s White Owls and Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust. Above all else, the game promises to be unlike anything you’ve played before. The game follows the exploits of Naomi, a young New York City-based journalist who moves to a British town called Rainy Woods in an effort to get control of spiraling debt.

Rainy Woods is not your average town and Naomi soon finds herself wrapped up in a murder mystery while trying to work off her debts. This would be exciting enough on its own, but all the denizens of Rainy Woods turn into literal cats and dogs once a month. You know, normal stuff.

Naomi must use her photography skills to pay the bill and figure out who did the kills. The Good Life is expected to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and Steam later this year.

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