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Nintendo just filed a new Mario & Luigi series trademark

Could there be a new Mario & Luigi game on the horizon for Nintendo Switch instead of a port or remake at long last?


If you're a fan of the Mario & Luigi game series, you may want to pay close attention to a recent happening in the trademark world.

According to LetsGoDigital, Nintendo of America has filed for a new trademark for the Mario & Luigi brand in South America by way of the Argentina trade office. This news comes despite the fact that developer AlphaDream, responsible for the main entries in the series, closed its doors in 2019 after filing for bankruptcy.

The trademark that was filed includes a pretty wide berth of items related to the Mario & Luigi brand: "computer game cartridges; game memory cards; computer game software; video game memory cards; interactive entertainment software to play video games; covers for mobile phones." It's pretty well covered, or so it seems.

Of course, this could mean nothing in the scheme of new games or announcements coming down the pipeline. As we've seen in the past, it isn't unusual for trademarks to be refreshed so that companies can use them in the future. Nintendo has yet to comment or make any overture about a new Mario & Luigi game in the future, but it could potentially happen.

As far as what we'd like to have happen, a new Mario & Luigi game could be fantastic, especially since the Switch is bereft of its own new entry. It's high time we had another one, so hopefully this ends up being something cool rather than just another simple trademark refresh. These games are consistently stellar, after all. 

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