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What is Super Metroid Impossible? - AGDQ 2020

Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is set to conclude with a run of Super Metroid Impossible. If you have no idea what that is, allow Shacknews to explain.


If you've been watching Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 throughout the week, you might be expecting the usual Super Metroid run at some point during the end of the week. If you're just tuning in, that run is coming, but it's going to be a little bit different than what everyone is used to. This is not going to be the traditional Super NES classic on display today. It's actually going to be a run of Super Metroid Impossible. So then let's get to the question that some viewers/readers may have.

What is Super Metroid Impossible

What is Super Metroid Impossible?

Super Metroid Impossible is a special ROM hack created back in 2006. Created by Super Metroid speedrunning community stalwart Saturn, Super Metroid Impossible takes the original SNES classic and amplifies the difficulty to astronomical levels. Every room has been redesigned to increase their difficulty in various ways, whether it's changed enemy placement, additional obstacles, or layout changes that require advanced platforming techniques to pass through. Players need to master wall-jumping, mid-air Morph Bombing, Bomb Jumping, quick charges, and many more advanced maneuvers in order to escape Super Metroid Impossible alive.

Oh, and top of everything else, the bosses are harder, too.

While Super Metroid Impossible was released in 2006, Saturn has continued to iterate on it throughout the past 14 years. The most recent update was issued in 2015, which fixed some bugs and glitches, but also changed some more item locations to make them just a little bit harder. Saturn has prided himself on upping Super Metroid's difficulty to its highest potential, as well as placing secret rooms in tough-to-find places.

Can I play Super Metroid Impossible?

You sure can, sport! If you're an advanced PC user and have the Super Metroid ROM available to you, the Super Metroid Impossible file should be easy enough to install. You can find it over on, along with the Readme File that should help serve as an introduction.

If you want a preview of what Super Metroid Impossible has to offer, be sure to watch tonight's run by Oatsngoats to wrap up Awesome Games Done Quick 2020.

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