Vizio OLED TV announced at CES 2020

The TV company is getting into the OLED game this year with a couple of new panels to add to its 2020 lineup.


Once known as the cheap brand of TV that you’d get at Walmart nearly twenty years ago, Vizio has made some big leaps in quality and market share to become one of the premier brands in display technology. For 2020, the company is making a big bet on OLED technology and will be releasing their first-ever OLED TVs, according to news out of CES 2020. 

Just like Sony, Vizio will be sourcing the OLED panels for their new TVs from LG, as they don’t produce any of their own. Vizio will be offering 55” and 65” OLED displays this year that will take advantage of the impressive picture quality made possible by OLED’s array of individually illuminating pixels. Expect perfect blacks and buttery smooth motion if you choose to buy one of these new TVs.

Vizio is also using the CES 2020 spotlight to draw attention to its LED-lit LCD panels that will be new for 2020. The biggest change from last year’s models is the inclusion of HDMI 2.1, allowing for variable refresh rates and support for the latest HDR standards. All of Vizio’s P-Series TVs will sport 120Hz panels for enhanced motion handling and the P-Series Quantum lineup will get an all-new 85” model, the largest screen that Vizio has ever produced. If gaming performance is a priority, the P-Series Quantum sets will likely be on the shortlist of best TVs of the year.

Both the M-Series and V-Series TV lineups get a refresh in 2020, making sure that customers at every budget have some quality options available should they find themselves in the market for a new TV. 

Will you be making the jump to OLED in 2020? Let us know in the comments. For more coverage of CES 2020 and all the latest hardware news, keep your browser pointed to Shacknews.

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