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Predator: Hunting Grounds interview - The visual style of the most dangerous game

We speak with the Art Director of IllFonic about designing the look of Predator: Hunting Grounds.


Fresh off the surprise success of the multiplayer-focused Friday the 13th game, the folks at development studio IllFonic are hard at work applying their expertise to a new multiplayer experience with Predator: Hunting Grounds. This promising new asymmetrical shooter pits the iconic space hunter race against a team of the toughest grunts Earth has to offer. The PS4-exclusive game is set to arrive sometime later this year and we got the opportunity to speak with Tramell Issac, Art Director for the Predator: Hunting Grounds project over at IllFonic.

Issac discusses jumping from one major licensed property to another, including working with 20th Century Fox on making sure the game fits into the Predator universe. The team is drawing heavily from the original movie, but also picking and choosing various bits from the entire movie franchise.

While the original film played out more like a slasher flick with the special forces team being hunted by the Predator, later entries in the series saw the humans fighting back. Predator: Hunting Grounds draws on this concept, pitting the powerful creature versus a team of four humans where each side is hunting the other. 

The development team got loads of practice with asymmetrical multiplayer design with Friday the 13th, which featured a powerful Jason Vorhees character pitted against a team of young camp counselors. Lessons learned from that project are likely to help the team shape Predator: Hunting Grounds into an even bigger hit.

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