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Platinum Games' Astral Chain was a fantastic experience, but it didn't seem to make enough of an impact in 2019. But here's why you really should give it a look.


Platinum games has always made some of the most solid action games on the market. They’ve been able to find success with unique and out there titles like Bayonetta and more recently with Neir: Automata. However, their 2019 release, Astral Chain unfortunately seemed to fly under the radar this time around.

It’s hard to say why Astral Chain didn’t have at least the same impact as Nier had. It had many of the same combat qualities that Nier did while expanding to new horizons that also helped set it apart such as chaining the main character to the supernatural beasts they controlled and collected throughout the game. And throughout it all it maintained that signature Platinum style.

If players weren’t too into the combat, Astral Chain had plenty to keep folks entertained as far as story and level exploration was concerned. And what a world it was. The game just bled style, taking cues from animes like Evangelion, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Ghost in the Shell it told the dystopian tale of humanity on the verge of extinction thanks to an invisible demonic army from another dimension.

Lappy is love, Lappy is life. Embrace the Lappy. Play Astral Chain.
Lappy is love, Lappy is life. Embrace the Lappy. Play Astral Chain.

On top of saving the world, Astral Chain also let players do a lot of fun and quirky stuff, like befriending wacky characters such as the toilet fairy and the unofficial police mascot Lappy the dog. You could also rescue stray cats which you would then keep in a secret location and occasionally feed to earn bonus items.

If you take a look at my full review of Astral Chain you’ll see how much I actually enjoyed my time with it. It’s unfortunate that, beyond their hardcore loyal fanbase, Platinum failed to make a major impact with Astral Chain. It really is a game that deserves more love than it got this year. If you’re a fan of action games like Devil May Cry or the Bayonetta series you really owe it to yourself to take this one for a spin before it gets buried in a pile of next year’s top games.

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