GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist brings a new big score & more

The Diamond Casino is waiting to be pilfered in Grand Theft Auto Online, but it will take some meticulous planning, and a new arcade as your home base and front, to do it.


As of today, an all-new update has come to Grand Theft Auto Online. After Georgina Cheng of Cheng Holdings reaches out to players looking to hit the Duggan Family where it hurts, it’s time to plan a heist on the grand Diamond Casino hotel and resort. New vehicles, properties, and story missions await in this high-profile robbery.

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist launched on December 12, 2019. Players will re-engage with old faces like the socially awkward genius strategy crafter, Lester Holt. You’ll have to work to obtain property rights to a new arcade that will serve as your base of operations (as well as being a fully fleshed out arcade with 12 playable games). From there, you have to make the decisions and plans that will get you into the Diamond Casino vaults and out alive. A branching path of choices including aggressive, silent, or con routes will change the heist drastically depending on what and who you choose to take with you along the way.

The Diamond Casino heist would be big enough, but the latest update to GTA Online also features a number of updates outside the heist. A number of new heist and regular vehicles are coming to the game, including luxury sports cars, low-riders, SUVs, fire trucks, and more. New challenges like investigations into a serial killer and government jammers that need to be destroyed will also be available as you prepare to get your heist on.

Amazon Prime members can get the jumpstart on this heist if your account was linked up to the Rockstar Social Club by December 8. As a special gift, linked Prime members can claim the Pixel Pete arcade property for free to get their heist schemes on the road from the get-go.

If you’ve been jonesing for a new major score in Grand Theft Auto Online, this is likely the one you’ve been waiting for. You can jump in and start getting your plan together now.

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