How to shoot arrows & throw bombs with Link in Super Mario Maker 2

It's time for another Super Mario Maker 2 guide. Here's how to shoot arrows and throw bombs with Link.


Super Mario Maker 2 Version 2.0 is out, and one of the best updates to the game is the introduction of the Master Sword course part. The sword transforms Mario into Link in the game, and with that comes a whole new host of controls. Here is a guide on how to shoot arrows, throw bombs, dash attack, and down thrust with the Hero of Time himself.

How to shoot arrows with Link in Super Mario Maker 2

Link has truly had quite a bit of archery experience throughout all of the games in the history of the Legend of Zelda franchise, but this is the first time that he is going to be able to show it off in a Mario Maker game. Sure, Link did have his time to shine on the Nintendo Wii U with Amiibo support, but he didn't have the moveset that is featured in this Super Mario Maker 2 Version 2.0 update. It may be a little annoying to figure out the arrow shooting controls. Players need to hold on the Left (L) or Right (R) Button to pull back on the bow. You can then aim with the analog joystick before releasing the L/R Button to let loose. You are now all set to get cracking with Link out there in the Course World.

Throwing bombs with Link in Super Mario Maker 2

Link seen here holding a bomb as he prepares to toss it at an unsuspecting tree.
Link seen here holding a bomb as he prepares to toss it at an unsuspecting tree.

8-bit Link is no stranger to blowing stuff up with a bomb. When players get the Master Sword powerup, they also gain the ability to throw bombs. Hold up on the analog joystick and press down on the Y Button to pull out a bomb. The bomb will start flashing when it is about to detonate so be sure to release the Y Button when you are ready to blow something up. Link can only throw one bomb at a time, so players have to wait for the last bomb they threw to detonate before trying to throw another one. That's all you need to know to throw some bombs at Goombas.

Sword, Shield, Downward Thrust and Dash Attack with Link

Link has two more sweet moves in Super Mario Maker 2. Players can do his signature Downward Thrust attack by pointing the analog joystick down while in mid air.  Dash Attack can be executed only while Link is on the ground. Players need to hold down on the analog joystick and hold Y Button to start the Dash Attack. Release Y to end the dash. Other more simple controls like sword attack can be triggered by simply pressing the Y Button, while using your shield is easily done by holding down on the analog joystick while Link is on the ground.

There's our solid breakdown of all of Link's new moves in the Super Mario Maker 2 Version 2.0 update. Check out the Shacknews guide on how to use the Master Sword in Course Maker to create your own Zelda-inspired level. Are you getting back into Super Mario Maker 2? Let us know what you think of the Version 2.0 update in the comments section below.


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