How to use the Master Sword in Super Mario Maker 2

The new Super Mario Maker 2 patch is out, and Shacknews has the answer to the very most important question. Here's how to use the Master Sword in Super Mario Maker 2.


The Super Mario Maker 2 Ver. 2.0 update has dropped and is out now. The patch notes add a lot of new items, but one very special one that has Zelda fans going nuts. Nintendo has added the Master Sword to the game, and now players can run around as the Hero of Time Link himself with all new gameplay mechanics. Here's how to start using the Master Sword in your Super Mario Maker 2 levels. 

How to use the Master Sword in Course Maker

The Master Sword is available only in the original Super Mario Bros. game style. To pull up the Master Sword item, place a Super Mushroom on the level, and then tap on it to bring up the submenu. You will see a new Master Sword icon with a red exclamation point if this is your first time playing Super Mario Maker 2 Ver. 2.0. The icon is in between the Super Mushroom and Wing icons. Once you select the Master Sword and place it on your level, you will be able to create levels where players will assume the role of Link.

The Master Sword on the Item Wheel.
The Master Sword on the Item Wheel.

It is important to note that the Super Mushroom icon switches to the Master Sword in the Item Wheel once you place the item in a level. The Master Sword is just one item added in this massive patch to Super Mario Maker 2, but it may have the biggest effect when it comes to the variety of new courses we see. 

Other new Super Mario Maker 2 items and course parts

Super Mario Maker 2 Ver. 2.0 update adds five other course parts. Spike, Pokey, and P Block items are available in all game styles. Frozen Coin blocks will be available in all game styles except Super Mario 3D World, while 3D World gets the exclusive new Dash Block. It's a cornucopia of new items for Makers.

I am excited to get back to making new levels with the updates in Version 2.0. Are you still playing Super Mario Maker 2? Please share your levels with us in the comments section. In case you missed it, check out our controls guide for all of Link's new moves in the game.


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