A Plague Tale sequel is in the works, expected in 2022

Asobo Studios is reportedly at work on a sequel to their debut title, A Plague Tale: Innocence, and we could see it in 2022.


A Plague Tale: Innocence was an extremely interesting first run by Asobo Studios. Though the game had plenty of drawbacks and missed opportunities, it was nonetheless a compelling adventure with a unique style of exploration, environmental puzzle-solving, and an absorbing story. We’d be happy to see what Asobo and Focus Home Interactive might do with what they learned from the first game, and it appears we will see just that. Asobo is reported already working on a sequel to Plague Tale, slated for launch in 2022.

It was French website Xbox Squad that first reported on the confirmation of A Plague Tale 2 on December 3, 2019. According to Xbox Squad, though A Plague Tale: Innocence was meant to be a standalone title, its success prompted Focus Home Interactive to pursue a sequel. Xbox Squad claims that Focus Home Interactive’s COO confirmed that A Plague Tale sequel was in the works, planned for release in 2022 with an announcement for the game coming in 2020. Asobo Studios will once again be handling development of the game.

A Plague Tale: Innocence was hardly without issue, but for every flaw, there was something extremely interesting and unique about it too.
A Plague Tale: Innocence was hardly without issue, but for every flaw, there was something extremely interesting and unique about it too.

Asobo succeeded in a lot of unique areas in the first Plague Tale. Their presentation of the flood of rodents made for some truly intense and terrifying moments, and the dynamic of managing the threat of rats and the dangerous humans trying to catch or kill our protagonists was always an interesting balance. But it was definitely bogged down by poorly forced combat segments, excessive escort-mission issues, and more, earning it a high average in Shacknews's review. Even despite its problems, Asobo hooked us on the first Plague Tale’s better aspects. It will be extremely interesting to see what they do with lessons learned and another go at A Plague Tale 2.

Shacknews will continue to follow this story and further information on A Plague Tale 2 as it becomes available, but if it’s as Xbox Squad says, we can start looking out for the game in 2020.

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