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Saint-14 returns in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the Dawn trailer

There's a battle for time going on in Destiny 2's Season of the Dawn trailer, but it was the Saint-14 tease that stole the show.


Season of the Dawn is on the way in Destiny 2. Guardians are about to engage in a battle that will reshape the cogs of time with the help of the Sundial, but that wasn’t all. The trailer also hinted at the return of a legendary figure in Destiny lore: None other than the mighty Saint-14.

We got a new look at Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s Season of the Dawn with a fresh trailer on December 3, 2019 on the Destiny YouTube channel. Following the latest defeat of the Vex, Osiris calls Guardians to rise to a new challenge. The Cabal are at it again with a scheme to bend the sands of time to their will and undo the defeat of the Red Legion that Guardians worked so hard for. In order to thwart them, Osiris is lending Guardians the power of the Sundial in the Corridors of Time, a structure with the power to “cheat death.” You can catch the trailer in full below.

The Season of Dawn features a number of goodies. It will be a fight through time, challenging both the Vex and the Cabal for control, complete with a new 6-player activity with the Sundial. However, the most important part of the trailer was the return of Saint-14. We’ve wielded his mighty shotgun - the Perfect Paradox - for some time, but it would seem with the Season of Dawn, now is our chance to return the favor and save him. Saint-14 is considered to be the greatest Titan of all time. Here’s hoping that our quest to bring him back means a refreshed set of his Epic gear.

Either way, it’s looking like Saint-14 will play a huge part in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s Season of Dawn. Need to get prepped for the fight ahead? Don’t forget to check out our full Destiny 2 strategy guides and check off anything you need beforehand.

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