Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas 3.9.0 expansion revealed at ExileCon

Path of Exile will introduce a brand new endgame story in December with the release of its 3.9.0 expansion, Conquerors of the Atlas.


It's hard to follow the reveal of an all-new sequel, but Grinding Gear Games sure gave it a shot at ExileCon 2019. After a deep dive into Path of Exile 2, the time came to reveal what's next for the original Path of Exile. December will see the release of the game's 3.9.0 expansion, which was revealed during the ExileCon Announcement Keynote. That expansion will be called Conquerors of the Atlas.

Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas will introduce a brand new endgame story, which further expands the game's growing Atlas in the wake of the Elder's death. Players will be able to upgrade their maps, while also getting the opportunity to pick up a brand new Support Gem Plus to help along this journey. Players can find other new Atlas mechanics, new influenced rare items, and a rework of the bow weapons across the board. And of course, there's a massive endgame battle that awaits at the end, with five all-new endgame bosses. More details on this expansion are set to come over the course of the ExileCon convention. In the meantime, the Path of Exile website will have more information.

Those who enjoy the Path of Exile challenge leagues will be happy to hear that there's also a new league on its way. Path of Exile: Metamorph. The Metamorph league will see players encounter a new NPC named Tane Octvavius. This master alchemist is looking to assemble monster essences in an effort to find the cure for "The Intrinsic Darkness." Passing Tane monster essences will allow players to build their own boss characters that they can then defeat for rewards. Different monster samples will lead to different creations, along with different battle phases. Defeated bosses will also drop Catalysts, a new currency type that can help upgrade certain items. Those who manage to make it to the endgame can pick up samples from map bosses and create bosses with abilities from these bigger, badder foes.

Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas is set to release on December 13 on PC, with Xbox One and PS4 releases set to come shortly afterwards. Stay tuned for more news from ExileCon 2019 as it arises.

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