The ALIEN Tabletop RPG will set Xenomorphs loose on your game table

20 Century Fox and Free League Publishing are about ready to bring the terrifying ALIEN franchise to an RPG tabletop game in December.


If you’ve ever played Dungeons & Dragons and thought, “huh, I don’t know if this game has enough horrifying Xenomorphs and paralyzing fear of those unknown for my liking,” then Free League Publishing and 20th Century Fox are about to cover your very specific needs. They’re gearing up to launch an ALIEN tabletop RPG and have just announced the release date for the game.

Free League Publishing announced the release date for the ALIEN Tabletop game on November 12, 2019 in a press release. Coming on December 10, 2019, the ALIEN Tabletop will offer players a game set featuring a 392-page full color hardback book and a setup that allow for both single-session games and longform continuing campaigns across multiple play sessions. The single play “Cinematic Play” scenario is designed by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska (Death of the Planet of the Apes) while the longer “Campaign Play” style is more of an open, sandbox-style game that will allow players to deeply explore the universe, threats, and rules laid out in the game. The initial launch is part of a plan to launch a multi-book series of expansions to the base game.

True to its horror form, the ALIEN Tabletop RPG intends to push players into extreme and tough decisions. “You are not all expected to survive,” the overview on the game’s website explains, and as major ALIEN fans, we probably wouldn’t expect any different. Also on the game’s website, you can sign up for updates and news as the game nears its launch date in December - good for if you want to keep it on your radar through the holidays.

While a bit more in-depth with its longform rulebook, the ALIEN tabletop RPG joins a small list of franchised titles that have explored the horror space in board games, notably Mondo’s The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31. On the more cheerful side, we’ve also seen Rare take Sea of Thieves in a tabletop RPG direction, as well as Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker from Dire Wolf Digital.

That said, there’s a certain cold fear that runs down our spine at the mention of running into a Xenomorph in a creative RPG setting and we can’t wait to see if Free League Publishing properly captures it come December 2019.

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  • reply
    November 12, 2019 5:10 PM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, The ALIEN Tabletop RPG will set Xenomorphs loose on your game table

    • reply
      November 12, 2019 5:56 PM

      Interesting, will be interested in hearing how it plays.

      • reply
        November 13, 2019 5:16 AM

        I ran a one-shot of the beta version. It plays like an Alien-themed Paranoia, or at least the beta did. Since there was no character creation, and no creating super buff space marines, everyone was going to die, it was just a question of how quickly and how badly. In the end the character who was the secret android killed the last human and took off in the only escape pod. It was kinda great.

        • reply
          November 13, 2019 5:18 AM

          So nothing like Space Hulk?

          • reply
            November 13, 2019 5:51 AM

            As I said, the beta version didn't have character creation, and the pre-gen characters were all space truckers, so not much as far as combat skills. The final one (which I have the PDF, but haven't read through yet) allows you to create Space Marines. You can probably do a reasonably cool Space Hulk equivalent. The beta scenario was much more Alien than Aliens.

    • reply
      November 12, 2019 6:07 PM

      In your basement, no one can hear you scream.

      • reply
        November 13, 2019 5:23 AM

        In your mom's basement, only your parents hear you scream. And they don't care.

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