Broly [DBS] sheds his armor to wrap up Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2

Broly [DBS] doesn't need armor to muscle his foes around, as he rounds out Season 2 of the Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC roster.


Who are the first two Saiyans anybody thinks of when it comes to Dragon Ball Z? The answer is usually Goku and Vegeta. But there's the third Saiyan that's often forgotten, one who's capable of mopping the floor with either of them. He is Broly, the big bad Saiyan exile and he's ready to show his incredible power as the latest DLC character for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

This, of course, is not to be confused with the Broly who's already a part of the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. No, this is the Broly who DBZ fans will recognize from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. This is the incarnation of the character who went toe-to-toe with both Goku and Vegeta and wrecked both of their faces while barely breaking a sweat. And sure enough, this newest trailer issued by Bandai Namco on Sunday shows Broly in his Super Saiyan form going on a total rampage. Watch as he muscles his opposition around, while slamming them to the ground with anti-air throws and barreling to the ground with meteor smashes.

Bandai Namco looks to have saved the best for last for its second batch of DLC characters, with Broly [DBS] set to round out the FighterZ Pass 2 roster. DBFZ players are still adjusting to the additions of Janemba and Gogeta [SSGSS], who were added back in August. There's no word on whether a Season 3 is in the works, but if such an announcement were to come, one would imagine it would come during the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals, which is set to take place during an unspecified date in the near future.

There is no word on when Broly [DBS] will officially join the Dragon Ball FighterZ battle, but expect his imminent arrival over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, take a moment to remember the game's first year with our Year One Retrospective interview from earlier this year.

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