Sage location in Red Dead Redemption 2

Check out what is possibly the best spot to find Sage in Red Dead Redemption 2 and knock out that Herbalist 3 challenge.


While completing the Herbalist 3 challenge in Red Dead Redemption 2, players are asked to craft seven items using Sage as an ingredient. This can be a complicated step for a couple reasons. First, there are multiple types of Sage in Red Dead Redemption 2. Second, they aren’t particularly easy to find. Some are locked away in end-game areas, while others are found in parts of the game world not often visited. In this guide, I’ll show you where to find the Sage you need to complete the Herbalist 3 challenge.

Where to find Sage in Red Dead Redemption 2

For our purposes we are looking for Hummingbird Sage, but this will show up in your inventory as Sage. It’s the one you want to complete the Herbalist 3 challenge. To find this, head to New Hanover, north of Bluewater Marsh and along the Kamassa River. If you look at the map images provided here, you an see the location of the Sage is just below the A in Kamassa.

When you arrive in the area, expect to find lots of Sage. More than you’ll need to complete the Herbalist 3 challenge. I found nine plants without trying, all within 10 second of each other. This area is all forest, and I walked up on a Black Bear, so consider keeping something like the Springfield Rifle handy in case you bump into a predator.

For those wondering, Sage (Hummingbird) is a purple plant that sticks up out of the ground several inches, maybe even a foot or so. It tends to be found in clusters of two or three plants and is easier than most plants to spot at a glance. Grab as much as you can, because it’s unlikely you’ll be back in this area any time soon.

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