Dead Cells Corrupted Update brings expert challenges and rewards

The newest update to roguelike Dead Cells will offer a new biome, fresh mutations, a new rune, and various other additions for veteran players.


Though Dead Cells has been out since 2017, it’s still going strong. As one of the most applauded rogue-like action platformers of the indie community, Dead Cells has an active fanbase that strive to challenge themselves with anything the game throws at them. And for the studios part, Motion Twin seems to know how to keep its fans coming back for more. The game has just received a new update, the Corrupted Update, and its latest content is aimed at rewarding some of its most fervent players with a new biome, rune, fresh gameplay features and much more.

The Corrupted Update launched on November 6, 2019 along with a vlog video from developer Motion Twin. While available now on Steam, console players should be getting the update in just a couple more weeks according to the devs. You can have a peak at the Corrupted Update and most of its major offerings in the video below.

Most notably in this latest update, Motion Twin brought forth a number of new additions aimed at players who have been around Dead Cells’ island more than a little while. A new biome known as Corrupted Confinement has opened to intrepid players. A mirror of Prison Depths, it’s not a long biome, but the enemies therein are more than a little relentless, and for taking it on there’s a cursed chest awaiting you at the start.

As the update video suggests, in addition to the newest biome comes a number of other goodies. New Tactics mutations including the Caltrops, Networking, and Tactical Retreat will allow you to move, damage, defeat your enemies in new and unique ways. Meanwhile, those who are getting into a fresh run but don’t want to slog through a rough start at the beginning of Dead Cells are in for a treat with the Recycling Tubes. The Recycling Tubes allow you to rid yourself of the starting gear to choose between five randomized full sets of items, taking a little bad luck out of the equation for the most part in the early goings.

The Corrupted Confinement biome is filled with a host of challenges, not the least of which are the familiar Slammers - Nasty blue birds who will hunt you down relentlessly.
The Corrupted Confinement biome is filled with a host of challenges, not the least of which are the familiar Slammers - Nasty blue birds who will chase and hunt you down relentlessly.

For those completionists who tire of searching every corner of a level only to find a frustrating lack of anything in them, there’s also the Explorer’s Instinct rune. Once you’ve obtained it, if you explore and map out the bulk of a level, the finer corners of it will be revealed, including points of interest and items. It will go a long way in taking the guesswork out of whether you need to bother backtracking to double-check an unexplored corner of the map or not (a real pain in Metroidvania-style games going back decades).

There are a number of other notable changes regarding colorless gear, doubles of items, appearance of cursed chests, and more, so if you’re planning on jumping back into Dead Cells for the Corrupted Update, be sure to read up on the full Corrupted Update patch notes as you prepare to jump back in.

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