What is seasonal armor in Destiny 2?

Equip your Guardian with seasonal armor in Destiny 2 to take advantage of armor boosts and even unlock a new Title.


Shadowkeep added a few new things to Destiny 2, and one of them is seasonal armor. Any player that’s looking to unlock the Undying Title, or even those curious about armor boosters, will need to know what seasonal armor is and where to get it.

What is seasonal armor?

Seasonal armor is the name of the armor exclusive to the season in which it was released. This special armor is acquired through the Season Pass at varying intervals. Those who purchase the Season Pass will receive more copies of the armor, while those with the free pass will only receive one set from the Season Pass.

Destiny 2 seasonal armor
The Substitutional Alloy armor is the seasonal armor from Season of the Undying.

In saying this, once you have unlocked a piece of seasonal armor from the pass, it will be added to the game’s loot pool. You may find yourself earning it from new seasonal activities.

An example of seasonal armor is the Substitutional Alloy armor from Season of the Undying. This is a Vex-themed piece that is covered with grass, leaves, and moss. The icon in the top-left of the square is a Vex head, indicating it’s from Season of the Undying.

Seasonal armor can also be found in Collections under the Factions tab. Keep in mind, you cannot pull randomly-rolled items out of Collections. If a task requires you to have a full set, you will need to either hold onto your armor or hope the right piece drops from an activity.

destiny 2 seasonal armor boosters
There are boosters in the Season Pass that increase the energy capacity of all Season Pass armor.

The reason you might be looking for seasonal armor can vary. For some players, it could be due to receiving a buff called Helmet Energy Booster for Season Pass armor. For other players, it could be the desire to wear a full set of seasonal armor to unlock a specific Triumph for a Title.

No matter what your reason is for wanting to know what seasonal armor is, hopefully your question has been answered. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for a treasure trove of resources.

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