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Red Dead Online gets Fear of the Dark mode and more for Halloween

Red Dead Online is going to celebrate Halloween with a limited-time mode, new clothing, and more.


It’s time for another update to Red Dead Online, and with the countdowns already started for the PC version’s release, it feels good to see Rockstar continuing to expand the online components for Red Dead Redemption 2 with new bounties, a new Halloween themed mode, and more.

The new mode, which is a limited time addition set to last until November 12, is called Fear of the Dark. In it, players will take on the role of the Night Stalkers or the Hunters. The Nightstalkers are a supernaturally fast, tough and strong group of enemies that will need to take out the Hunters before they can acquire too many of the Nightstalkers’ masks, which will slowly make the Night Stalkers weaker. It’s an interesting setup that should make for an intriguing bit of fun in Red Dead Online, and it definitely feels like a mode that fits with Red Dead Online’s setting. On top of the new mode being available, users will also find that they earn 3X Gold and 2X RDO$ by taking part in Fear of the Dark.

Fear of the Dark now available in Red Dead Online

Players will also find that a new Legendary Bounty is available for Red Dead Online. The latest target in player’s crosshairs is Tobin Winfield, who was last seen roaming around Thieves’ Landing. So, grab your rifle, saddle up your horse, and head out to complete the latest Legendary Bounty on the roster.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue is also getting an update this week and will include the new Tobacco Hat, Thacker Hat, the Torranca Coat, Manstilla Poncho, Crewswell Skirt, Sierra Boots, and Pickett Boots. So, if you’ve been looking for some new clothing items to add to your setup, make sure to visit the nearest Tailor and pick up some new duds. Some special discounts are also available for Cleavers, Machetes, Tomahawks, and Throwing Knives this week, with players able to pick them all up for 30% off their normal prices.

For more info on the latest additions head over to the Rockstar website. You can also check out our handy Red Dead Redemption 2 guide, a massive collection of articles and strategy content to help you conquer the frontier.

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