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How to find Maurice and start Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3

Learn how to find Maurice and kick off the Bloody Harvest event in Borderlands 3.


Now that the Bloody Harvest event is live in Borderlands 3, there are a ton of new challenges to complete, as well as a brand-new questline to take on. If you want to things started, though, you’re going to need to know how to find Maurice and start Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3. Thankfully, we’ve got the know-how, and this guide will walk you through everything.

How to find Maurice and start Bloody Harvest in Borderlands 3

To start off the Bloody Harvest event in Borderlands 3, players will want to head to Sanctuary III, the ship that they have called home for the duration of Borderlands 3’s campaign. If you haven’t yet unlocked this location for some reason, then continue playing until you do so.

Once you’ve arrived on Sanctuary III, make your way forward and through the right side of the ship. You’re going to want to head up to the top level, where you’ll be able to spot a small baby t-rex looking beast walking around the same area where you activate Mayhem Mode. This is Maurice, and you’ll be heading back here several times throughout your time in Bloody Harvest.

Talk to Maurice to kick off the event’s main questline, which will task you with finding a Ghost. Thankfully, there are several ways to go about this, but the easiest we found was to head to Eden-6, to Jakob’s Estate. Here you can reach the spawn location of El Dragon Jr, one of the game’s many rare spawns. During the Bloody Harvest event, El Dragon Jr and several other rare spawns will have become “Haunted” enemies and killing them will release Ghosts into the world. It’s also possible to just come across a few enemies with Ghosts in them. Just look out for red glows around enemies, who when killed will spawn the Ghosts you’re looking for.

Borderlands 3 - Bloody Harvest Ghost
Look out for Ghosts, which are skull-shaped entities that spawn when you kill specific enemies.

Kill the first Ghost you find, and it will kick off another portion of the questline. Now all that is left to do is continue following Maurice’s questline. Now that you know how to find Maurice and start the Bloody Harvest event, take a look at our Borderlands 3 guide for even more help.

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