What is a Quick Ticket in Mario Kart Tour?

Learn what a Quick Ticket is and what you can do with it in Mario Kart Tour.


Mario Kart Tour is chock full of free-to-play game mechanics, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that fans are a bit confused by what each item that you can obtain does. In this guide we’ll discuss what the Quick Ticket is, a useful item that has been stumping many players as they dive into Mario Kart Tour.

What is a Quick Ticket in Mario Kart Tour?

As you play Mario Kart Tour, you’re bound to find yourself up against some time gates. As a free-to-play game, there are tons of things to push you towards the various microtransactions that Nintendo has set up here.

A big part of progression in Mario Kart Tour relies heavily around earning Grand Stars in each race. Once you’ve earned a certain number of stars, you’ll unlock access to the next Cup that you can take part in. This means more tracks to race on, which means more points and more ways to fire the pipe that rewards you with new characters, gliders, and karts. However, if you progress through the various cups too quickly, you’ll come face to face with a timer.

Mario Kart Tour - What is a Quick Ticket?

This is where Quick Tickets come into play. Available as rewards for completing challenge sets, Quick Tickets are an exceptionally useful item that can only be acquired through This is especially helpful for those that don’t want to sit around waiting for the timer to count down. To use a Quick Ticket, simply head to the Cup that is marked as under construction and then activate it by clicking on it. Boom, the timer should vanish, and you can access the next Cup right away.

Of course, there are plenty of other useful items in Mario Kart Tour. For instance, Super Horns are a great way to throw enemies out of the race so that you can get ahead of the curve and the game’s built-in Coin Rush mode is great for diving in and earning a lot of coins quickly.

Now that you know what a Quick Ticket is, you can dive into Mario Kart Tour and start completing even more Cups. For more assistance, head over to our Mario Kart Tour page and be sure to check out all our coverage of Nintendo’s latest mobile game.

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