Coin Rush explained - Mario Kart Tour

Learn what Coin Rush is in Mario Kart Tour, and how you start up each special race.


Mario Kart Tour has quite a few little challenges and hidden secrets for players to discover as they play. If you've been playing through the latest mobile game from Nintendo, then you've probably heard mention about a special mode called Coin Rush. But, what exactly is Coin Rush? And how do you start these special races? In this guide, we'll explain everything you need to know about Coin Rush in Mario Kart Tour.

Coin Rush explained - Mario Kart Tour

If you've been wondering exactly what Coin Rush is, then allow us to help you out. Basically, Coin Rush is a special race that players can take on in Mario Kart Tour where they will play as Gold Mario while they race around a course that is jam-packed with tons of coins. This makes Coin Rush a great way to gather a lot of coins at once, though it does come with a caveat.

Mario Kart Tour - Coin Rush

In order to play Coin Rush, players will need to stock up on Rubies, one of Mario Kart Tour’s premium currencies. When used, Rubies will unlock the ability to play Coin Rush and also allow you to spend more Rubies to up the modifier on the race, allowing your coins to be worth much more when you pick them up.

Altogether, Coin Rush is a great way to farm for Coins in Mario Kart Tour. As the primary currency in the game, having a ton of Coins is a great way to ensure that you can always purchase the items that you want from the in-game shop. These items include things like new racers, new karts, and even new gliders to utilize in different races.

Now that you know what Coin Rush is, you can head into the main menu, press on the Coins icon at the top, and start it up from there. For more help head back over to our Mario Kart Tour page. You can also check out our guides on how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour or even our handy article on how to destroy pipes in Nintendo’s mobile kart racer.

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