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Design your own lightsaber at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Let the Force guide you as you design your own lightsaber by selecting the parts for your hilt and the kyber crystal that speaks to you.


Everyone who’s come in contact with Star Wars wants one thing: their own lightsaber. While fans can purchase replicas of famous characters’ lightsabers, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge goes a step further and actually lets patrons craft their own lightsaber. We recently got to talk with Brad Schoenebergr, Director of Merchandise Strategy and New Park Experiences Development, about Savi’s Workshop and letting patrons design their own lightsaber. Please take a look at the interview below!

Designing a lightsaber at Galaxy's Edge

Savi’s Workshop is a truly incredible experience. Patrons are invited into this secretive little space to design a lightsaber that truly fits their personality. There are four main paths to choose: peace and justice, power and control, elemental nature or protection and defense. Depending on your selection, the pieces and parts scavenged by the Gatherers will be different.

Once the hilt is designed, the next most important decision must be made: what color of kyber crystal you want. There are four to choose from: red, blue, green or violet. What’s fascinating is that this kyber crystal can also be used in the holocron, a Star Wars artifact available through Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities.

The process of actually piecing together and crafting your personal lightsaber is something special. Each box of parts includes several different options. You will need to select sleeves, emitters, a pommel cap, and even an activation plate. The end result is a unique lightsaber unlike any other. The really impressive moment is when patrons connect their hilt to the workstation and see the lightsaber power up for the first time.

Designing your own lightsaber is a one of a kind experience. A lot of soul and attention to detail has gone into creating Savi’s Workshop and the thrill of choosing the perfect lightsaber (or having it choose you). For more coverage of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, head over to the GamerHubTV YouTube channel!

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