Stormland offers an evolving co-op world for players to explore

After completing Stormland, the world shifts and changes, giving players new things to do and explore.


Stormland is a brand-new co-op VR experience being developed by Insomniac Games. In this game, players will work together to explore a rich and vibrant world. We had the opportunity to speak with Tim Salvitti about all things Stormland and developing an incredible VR title. Please check out the interview below!

Push past your android's design limits in Stormland

Stormland puts players in control of an android gardener. Unfortunately, something has seemingly sent the world spiralling out of control and your job of pruning roses is now not so important. You’ll need to learn new abilities and fashion new weapons if you’re going to survive.

Unlike The Unspoken, Stormland is a pure cooperative experience. Players will need to work together in order to solve problems and fight together to overcome challenging enemies. But one of the biggest differences is that Stormland will be all traversal as opposed to teleporting around.

This little change in how players move means that the whole experience is open. Players will be able to walk, jump, glide and fly around. The flying mechanic looks incredibly intuitive. The velocity and direction of flying will change depending on what the player does with their arms. The reason for this is that players tend to feel more comfortable when using their arms to fly.

One of the main elements of Stormland is its shifting world. “After you beat the story, the game will cycle and shift,” said Salvitti, “it’s about you going out there and figuring out what’s new to explore.” The new cycles will offer fresh areas to explore, new things to experience, and new quests and missions to go on.

Stormland is set to release sometime this year for Oculus on the Rift and Rift S. Be sure to check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel for more developer interviews from all the major gaming conventions around the world.

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