Road Dog location in Borderlands 3

Learn how to find Road Dog's location in Borderlands 3.


Road Dog is another of the many rare enemy spawns that players can come across in Borderlands 3. When found and defeated, Road Dog will have a chance to drop the Legendary Shotgun, Redline. Overwatch fans will probably also recognize Road Dog as a clear and obvious Road Hog reference, one of the many heroes available to players in Blizzard’s hit FPS. In this guide we’ll show you how to find Road Dog’s location in Borderlands 3.

Road Dog location in Borderlands 3

To find Road Dog, players are going to want to make their way to Pandora, to the Splinterlands. This region of the map becomes available after you complete the quest Blood Drive, and you’ll actually be taken to the place you need to visit while completing that quest.

Road Dog location in Borderlands 3
Head the center plateau in the Splinterlands on Pandora to find Road Dog.

Basically, to find Road Dog, you’re going to want to locate the central plateau area of the Splinterlands. This is where you’ll find a bandit encampment. When you arrive, look out for Road Dog nearby. He’s very hard to miss, as he is a large, chubby enemy. When you spot him, you’re going to want to take him out as quickly as possible. Like many of the other rare targets that you can find in Borderlands 3, this enemy will often show up as a kill target on the bounty posters found throughout the galaxy.

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When you kill Road Dog, you’ll have a chance to pick up the Redline Legendary Shotgun. During the Borderlands special anniversary event, this enemy will also have an increased chance to drop Legendaries, making it a great time to farm for this weapon. Be sure to focus on killing Road Dog as quickly as possible when you do encounter him, as letting him attack you too much could lead to your demise.

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