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Joe Tirado talks Astroneer's evolution on PS4, beyond

Shacknews stopped by the Astroneer booth to discuss the expansive sandbox game.


Astroneer is coming to PlayStation 4, and it looks like it's about to debut on November 15.

Shacknews' Asif Khan had a few moments to chat with System Era Softworks' Joe Tirado about the current state of the sandbox adventure game as well as its upcoming debut on PlayStation 4. Tirado also spoke on some of the hurdles the team faces when it comes to bringing the game to other platform, noting that they aren't currently concerned with working to explore others at the moment.

"It's not necessarily that we don't want to do it. It's just that there are hurdles when it comes to doing it. The problem is we want to make that it still looks good. We don't want to give people on Switch a lesser performance. We're just focused on PS4, Xbox, and Steam."

Tirado also noted that, while the game is out on the "main three" platforms so far, it may come to additional platforms on a case-by-case basis. So if you, like Shacknews's own Asif Khan really want to see the game come to Switch or other additional platforms, don't lose hope just yet. 

Bill Lavoy took Astroneer for a spin earlier this year. Here's what he thought about the experience.

"Originally, I figured Astroneer would be a game I played for a few sessions before moving on, but the more time I spend with it the more I view it as a staple in my library. A game that I can call on when I’m looking for something relaxing that allows me to build and create. Something I can walk away from and come back to at my convenience and not feel like I’m missing out. It provides an experience that is generally therapeutic and almost never stressful. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s the kind of game that could be perfect for certain situations or groups of gamers looking for their next adventure."

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