San Francisco Shock sweep to become 2019 Overwatch League champions

The San Francisco Shock ended the Overwatch League Grand Finals almost as quickly as they started, walloping the Vancouver Titans and sweeping them 4-0.


Blizzard Entertainment and the Overwatch League entered the city of Philadelphia amidst much fanfare, with the second season of their professional Overwatch circuit about to come to a close. However, the Overwatch League Grand Finals ended almost as quickly as they began. There was absolutely no stopping the San Francisco Shock, who demolished the Vancouver Titans 4-0 to emphatically carve their names as the Overwatch League Season 2 champions.

In front of a capacity crowd, the Shock and the Titans did battle on Gibraltar. The Shock steamrolled through the Titans defense to capture all three checkpoints with 1:52 to spare. The Titans looked to rebound, but couldn't fight through the final point. And while the team's best player and the Overwatch League MVP to this point had been Jay "Sinatraa" Won, it was his backup, Minho "Architect" Park, who may have clinched the Shock's victory, stonewalling the Titans with Bastion in the game's final moments.

While the Vancouver Titans (25-3) entered the playoffs with the Overwatch League's best regular season record, the Shock (23-5) proved to be the league's hottest team. With Sunday's win, the Shock are now on a 16 map win streak, not having dropped a map since a first-round loss to Atlanta. The Shock set the tone early on Sunday, taking the first map on Lijiang Tower behind the outstanding play of Sinatraa's Doomfist and Hyobin "Choihyobin" Choi's Sigma. For the Titans, it marked their first Control map loss in the playoffs.

For their victory, the San Francisco Shock take home $1.1 million. The runner-up Vancouver Titans walk away with $600,000.

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    September 29, 2019 2:57 PM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, San Francisco Shock sweep to become 2019 Overwatch League champions

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      September 29, 2019 3:21 PM

      I ended up switching from football to watch this. I check in Overwatch maybe once or twice a year but hot damn has the game gone to shit.

      The highest level of Overwatch is alllllllll the shields (Orisa, Sigma, Baptist fuck even a mei wall) Its like shields covering every fucking thing. Both teams with almost the exact same lineup. With 2 Doomfists on each side as the carry to actually get hits through those shields.

      What the fuck. What boring fucking shit. I wanna see flashy shit, crazy widowmaker headshots, mcree tearing it up you know awesome plays. Not some dude just punching randomly and flying around.

      zzzzzzzzzzzz what a disgrace and it was on National TV (ABC) with a pretty nice arena and decent casting/camera work. This is what they wanted Overwatch to become?

      • reply
        September 29, 2019 3:29 PM

        I don't play comp but have to agree the amount of shields (and snipers in QP) are out of control.

      • reply
        September 29, 2019 4:25 PM

        It was fucking awesome. Haksal and Sinatraa flying around punching fools was so much fun.

      • reply
        September 29, 2019 4:27 PM

        I still love the game, but acknowledge that it's become more of an MMO/MOBA than an arena shooter. The tanks are so tanky, and the healers so ridiculously effective, that there's almost no use for the traditional twitch headshot boys. They literally can't put out damage fast enough for it to matter. So instead everyone gets locked in this long, slow brawl of attrition, waiting for Ults to charge. And then whichever team deploys the best Ult Assault wins.

        Somehow, it's still fun to play. Not sure if the "pros" are having fun, but many of us commoners are, despite putting up with tons of trash teammates who insist on all playing as "lone wolf hero", and then bitching up a storm when they inevitably lose.

        • Zek legacy 10 years legacy 20 years
          September 29, 2019 8:01 PM

          I don't agree with that, shield wars aren't actually an effective strategy for the attackers. You'll just stalemate forever if you sit around trying to shoot through two shields before you push. You have to be aggressive and flank or move past the shields. Often times all you have to do is move forward in force and the defense will crumple, but people are too scared to commit.

      • Zek legacy 10 years legacy 20 years
        September 29, 2019 7:59 PM

        The game is in a shield heavy meta right now, but these things come and go. Sigma and Orisa are both getting nerfs. The balance is a bit unstable because they just switched to 2-2-2 and the kinks aren't ironed out yet.

        I just started playing the game again after a long time off and have been having a lot of fun. Role queue is a game changer for the quality of pub matches.

        • reply
          September 30, 2019 12:38 AM

          I agree. The switch to 2-2-2 is still having ramifications felt everywhere. The new hero added (seemingly like always) needs to be nerfed a bit and unfortunately he was a shield hero. All it will take is a couple of buffs to some other DPS heroes (and another nerf or two) and all of a sudden Orisa will be a forgotten character.

          They've started adding some stuff to allow routes through the shields (there was a recent change to allow mercy's ult to go through them now I think?) and after the Shock won OWL in the speech on stage, Kaplan joked about them doing it through the Shield Meta - so obviously it's something the devs are VERY well aware of, and just like Goats, I'm sure they will continue to make tweaks that evolve the game further.

    • reply
      September 29, 2019 3:51 PM


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