How to trade for the Magnifying Lens - Link's Awakening

The Magnifying Lens is a critical item needed to finish Link's Awakening, but you'll need to go through an intense trading sequence to find it. Shacknews is here to help.


The Magnifying Lens isn't typically an item one would imagine as crucial to finish Link's Awakening. However, it's very much critical in getting through the game's final minutes. The Mabe Village library contains a special book that offers a solution to the Wind Fish Egg's labyrinth, which will lead Link into the final boss battle. You won't be able to read the print without the Magnifying Lens.

And don't think you can just cheat and look up somebody else's solution. No, Nintendo has accounted for this. The Wind Fish Egg directions are randomized for every playthrough, so the directions a friend got will not be the same directions that you get. You need the Magnifying Lens.

Fortunately, Shacknews is here to help you find it.

How to trade for the Magnifying Lens - Link's Awakening

Link's Awakening - Trading Sequence

In order to acquire the Magnifying Lens, you're going to need to trade for a series of items over the course of the entire game. The game will definitely get you started on the first few items, since they're mandatory for finding a few of the game's dungeons. But you'll have to do some extra leg work to find the last few trades that eventually get you the final item.

Here's the full trading sequence that will get you the Magnifying Lens:

  • Yoshi Doll: The first item on your list is a Yoshi Doll from the Trendy Game in Mabe Village. Use the crane to pick up this item.
  • Ribbon: Walk further up Mabe Village to the two-door house next to the Dream Shrine. Talk to Papahl's wife and she'll take the Yoshi Doll off your hands in exchange for the Ribbon.
  • Dog Food: Talk to Madam MeowMeow in Mabe Village. She's the one with the pet Chain Chomp. She'll direct you next door, where her mini-Chain Chomp will give you the Dog Food in exchange for the Ribbon.
  • Bananas: Go down to Toronbo Shores, where you found your sword at the start of the game. Walk over to the shack next to the monkey chucking coconuts at you. This is Sale's Banana Shop and Sale will happily give you some Bananas for that Dog Food in your possession.
  • Stick: The Bananas are important, because they're ultimately how you get into Kanalet Castle and proceed towards the Key Cavern, the game's third dungeon. You cannot finish the game without them. If you walk to the side of Kanalet Castle, Kiki the Monkey will take the bananas and call in his friends to build you a bridge. You can now enter Kanalet Castle and Kiki will leave you a Stick.
  • Honeycomb: Once you finish the Key Cavern, you'll notice Tarin standing in Ukuku Prairie by the lone tree with a beehive sticking out of it. Tarin will take the Stick off your hands and poke the beehive, leading to a scene where he gets chased by bees. With Tarin and the bees gone, Link will pick up the Honeycomb.
  • Pineapple: When you first discover Animal Village, one of the houses will house the Chef Bear who's got a taste for Honeycomb. The Chef Bear will give you the Pineapple in return, along with the advice to go pick up Marin to wake the Walrus.
  • Hibiscus: Before you get to the Angler's Tunnel, Link's Awakening's fourth dungeon, you'll have to walk through the mountainous region of Tal Tal Heights. You'll notice Papahl is journeying above you. If you can reach him, he'll tell you that he's hungry for that Pineapple you're carrying. Give him the Pineapple and he'll give you the Hibiscus.
  • Letter: Say "Hi Biscus," then say "Bye Biscus" when you take the flower back to Animal Village. Christine the Goat is in one of the houses and she'll give you the Letter in exchange for the Hibiscus.
  • Broom: You may have met Mr. Write early in the game, just above the Mysterious Forest on the top-left corner of Koholint. Go back to his lonesome shack and give him the Letter that he so badly craves. He'll express his gratitude by giving you the Broom.
  • Fishing Hook: No, the Broom doesn't go to the Witch, but nice try! You're actually going to look for Grandma Ulrira, who's back at Mabe Village. She's sweeping outside her house and will be grateful for a new Broom. She'll give you the Fishing Hook that she found while sweeping.
  • Necklace: Giving the Fishing Hook to the Fisherman is a no-brainer, but he won't take it if you try to give it to him in Mabe Village. You have to find his secret fishing spot. Swim east of the Catfish's Maw dungeon, to the right of the owl statue. Swim down the path and under the bridge. You'll find the fisherman in his boat, who will take the Fishing Hook in exchange for the necklace.
  • Mermaid's Scale: As long as you're out for a swim, go back to Catfish's Maw and swim a little bit north. You'll find the lone mermaid just hanging out. She likes that Necklace you're holding, so give it to her and she'll give you a Mermaid's Scale straight off her own tail.
  • Magnifying Lens: After all of that trading, you're ready to collect your final reward. Get back on land and cross the bridge where you found the fisherman's secret fishing spot. Walk down south and you'll find some boxes that you can attach your Hookshot to. Swing across the gap and walk up the path to find the Mermaid's Statue. Put the Mermaid's Scale on the statue and it will move aside, revealing a staircase. Walk down the stairs and you'll find the Magnifying Lens, with no further tricks or catches.

Now that you have the Magnifying Lens, go back to the Mabe Village library and read the black book. This is where you'll find the solution to the Wind Fish Egg's maze. Be sure to take a screenshot, in case you forget.

Link's Awakening - Magnifying Lens

Now that you've completed the trading sequence and picked up the Magnifying Lens, you're really ready to finish the game. If you've missed any of our previous advice and pointers, be sure to catch up on our previous guides for Link's Awakening.

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