Fortnite patch v.10.40 adds The Combine playlist, controller settings

The latest Fortnite patch comes with plenty of new changes.


Fortnite's latest v10.40 update comes with several new updates, including a new playlist and accessibility options for those using controllers.

Announced on the official Epic Games blog for Fortnite, The Combine playlist lets you put muscle memory and skill to the test. You must reach the goal in the play area as fast as you can, all the while taking out a variety of targets. It's meant as a warmup, or you can compete with friends to get the fastest time possible. Each leaderboard will let you sort through times by input device, whether you use controllers, a keyboard and mouse combo, or touch controls on mobile to play. Epic Games encourages players to share their successes with the #FortniteCombine hashtag to find out who's the fastest.

And because using a controller and other inputs is such an important part of the Combine, Epic Games has added both Aim Assist and Sensitivity settings for controller users. There are 10 new sensitivity presets to choose from, or you can head to Advanced Settings to find additional customization tools. You can change your look, aim, build mode, and edit mode sensitivity, for one thing.

Advanced options let you change your look horizontal speed, look vertical speed, turning horizontal boost, turning vertical boost, turning boost ramp time, and instant boost when building setting. There's a whole host of similar options for the other movements as well, which means no matter how you want to move in Fortnite, there's a way to tweak it now with controllers just as you would with a controller and mouse.

The controller aim assist system will now calculate targets in screen space to allow for a more "consistent" feel even if the target is far away. The system will apply different strengths based on how far the enemy is from the reticle, and will apply assistance based on a special algorithm. As such, "target snapping" has been removed. Crosshairs will also now turn red when focused on an enemy within effective range.

Are you excited about these new additions to Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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