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Children of Morta inbound on Xbox One this fall

The new action RPG Children of Morta will makes its debut on Microsoft's console very soon.


During the Inside Xbox event held online this afternoon, Microsoft took the opportunity to show off Children of Morta for Xbox One. Developed by the folks at Dead Mage, it supports local cooperative play, hand-drawn pixel art, and hours of intriguing gameplay. It will launch on the Xbox One console on October 15.

Our own Donovan Erskine got to review the PC version of the game earlier this month and came away very impressed, particularly with the game’s art style and animations. He explained:

Children of Morta is designed using hand-painted pixel art and frame by frame animations. The work here is beautifully done and makes for some gorgeous visuals. This is especially evident with the characters themselves. Even with the 2D art style, Dead Mage manages to give each member of the Bergsons their own clear-cut design that makes them stand out and easily distinguishable from the others.

The choice to go frame by frame with the animations also makes the world feel more alive. It’s the little details, such as Linda’s hair bouncing side to side as she sprints and flips through a cave, or the leaves rustling in a tree that give Children of Morta a refreshing sense of life. The sound design is another key feature that makes this action RPG feel so lively. From my first few minutes playing, I was immediately taken by the attention to detail with all of the environmental sound effects. Sounds like John’s sword slicing through the air when I miss an enemy or the soft sounds of boots stepping through dirt being prime examples.

If you have an itch for some unique action RPG fun, Children of Morta may be exactly what you’re looking for. It also arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch on October 15.

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